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Wordpress Cron is turned off and I have twelve automation events numbered 1 through 12.  Each specifies a different wp category. I'm using Auction2Post v1.2.0.

When I run this 'wget' command in my cPanel Cron Job, instead of just the specified automation events (1,2) running and creating posts, all of them run.

Code: [Select]
17  (min, hr, day, month, weekday)
wget -q,2 -O /dev/null

Can someone help me figure out how to diagnose this?

I'd like to create a conditional expression in the Auction Posting itself. To do this I would enter PHP code into the automation template and activate the ExecPHP plugin for Wordpress.

Code: [Select]

get_post_meta($post->ID"a2pEndTime"true) ;
    if (!empty(
$a2pEndTime)) {
$endDate strtotime(substr($a2pEndTime,0,19));
$dateNow strtotime(gmdate("Y-m-d\TH:i:s")) ;

if ($dateNow $endDate) {                 // EXPIRED :: Don't Show Links


<?php } else {                                     // NOT EXPIRED :: Show Links  

<a href="[link]" target="_blank">[img]</a>




However, this is not working. Has anyone gotten PHP code to execute from the Post like this?  ???

It seems there is a character limit to the Search Terms in an automated event

After entering my search string with about 150 or 200 characters and saving, when I re-open using View/Edit, the string has been truncated to about 100 characters.

I need to know where this limit is set and how to increase it. I would think that 2048 (2K) characters should be enough to include search and exclusion terms.

It seems many custom fields are built-in to appear in all posts. In some cases, I do not want all of them to appear. Is there a way to remove selected Custom Fields, such as a2pPrimaryCategoryID, a2pPostalCode, a2pMinimumToBid, etc.?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but by knowing every site that uses your plugin, that seems to give you an unfair competitive advantage. Perhaps phpBay Pro is also like this also, or any software that requires a license key be placed in the Admin settings on MY site; I hadn't thought about it previously. But when I was required to enter my website address into the form on YOUR site, I became aware of the potential conflict of interest.

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