Author Topic: auction2post v 2.1 User Manual & Screenshots  (Read 8862 times)


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auction2post v 2.1 User Manual & Screenshots
« on: May 01, 2015, 02:00:00 AM »
You are welcome to check out the user manual before purchasing. Here it is for your perusal.
Download: A2P v2.1 user manual

Here are several screenshots that should prove helpful.

Take a look at the robust, yet easy to navigate, fully integrated auction2post plugin controls. Click on the banner for a full screen shot.

General Settings

Just after installation - click to enlarge

After saving settings - click to enlarge

Add Auctions

Add Auctions before entering eBay Developer App ID - click to enlarge

Add Auctions ready to start search - click to enlarge

Add Auctions displaying search results - click to enlarge

Add Auctions and the optional "Customize Template" step - click to enlarge

Auction2post is adding the selected auctions as posts using the selected
 template (with customizations if any) - click to enlarge

Auctions have been added as posts - click to enlarge


Post created using a2p template and free Wordpress theme - click to enlarge

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Enter PPC code to display advertising after an auction or Ad listing has expired
- click to enlarge


Template page ready to create new, edit, or copy  - click to enlarge


Automation ready for an automated event to be scheduled - click to enlarge

Automation event details being entered - click to enlarge

Automation event saved - click to enlarge

Automation scheduled - click to enlarge


Maintenance tab allows for cleaning up auction2post posts and databases
- click to enlarge

Instant Download!

Click here to purchase and instantly download auction2post, the best eBay Wordpress plugin available.

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